Computer Use Policy

Public Computer Use Policy

WWML offers several computers for library patrons. We hope to provide an environment where users can access information, learn about technology and find entertainment as well.

In order to maintain and preserve our computer equipment, and to ensure fair and equal access to all users, WWML establishes the following policies for computer usage:

Computer Use

Computers are available for library card-holders. Individual users are responsible for preserving their own work and personal information.

Use of the library's public access catalog computers, and of our online database computer, is limited to fifteen minutes. Patrons may be asked to leave any of these computers after a fifteen minute period.

WWML also provides computers that can be reserved for one hour time slots. A patrons' use of these machines is limited to one hour per day, for up to six days per week.

Reserved time slots will be held for ten minutes. If reserved time is unclaimed after the ten minute waiting period then the library staff may give another patron the remaining time. Please call us at the library if you are unable to use your reserved time.

Saving Your Work

Patrons must save all personal files on external hard drives such as USB drives. The library does not provide any external hard drives.

Saving files on computer hard drives is not permitted, and we regularly delete unauthorized files.

WWML is also not responsible for maintaining or preserving Internet bookmarks, favorites, shortcuts, files or downloaded programs.

Additionally, we do not guarantee the privacy or security of any information entered by patrons on library computers.

Printing Costs

A patron's first five printed pages are free. Additional pages are ten cents each.

Computer Software

Only library-installed software may be used.

Library software may not be copied or altered under any conditions.

Patrons may not install software applications on any library computers.

Personal programs may not be run from CD-ROMS, or other removable storage media.


WWML maintains a separate Internet use policy available at the desk.

Loss of Computer Privileges

Deliberate damage to computer hardware, software or computer files will result in cancellation of computer privileges.

The library staff reserves the right to deny computer privileges to any patron who becomes disruptive or refuses to comply with these computer policies.

Policy Changes

WWML computer policies are subject to change.

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Borrowing Policy

Most books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs and magazines are loaned for a period of 21 days. New bestsellers may be loaned for 7 days. Most items may be renewed one time, either in person, online or by calling us at (203) 488-8702 if no other patrons are waiting.

Interlibrary Loan

Looking for something we don't own? We can borrow the material from another Connecticut library.  You may request items in person, by phone at (203) 488-8702, or through Connecticut's statewide library catalog, reQuest.