MARJA WATSON, Paintings and MICKEY KAVANAGH, Paintings
to Dec 17

MARJA WATSON, Paintings and MICKEY KAVANAGH, Paintings

Mickey Kavanagh

I have been painting with watercolors for about 15 years.   Having always been especially drawn to works of art in this medium, I was delighted to learn how to do it myself from a superb watercolorist, Laura Wilk, who is also, fortunately, my friend.

Still lifes, landscapes, and abstracts are what I enjoy painting, especially learning new techniques and getting more and more comfortable with the old.



Marja Watson 

I have always been inspired by nature. I grew up in Finland in a landscape of forests and rocky shores, I could freely wander under the transparent canopy of trees and rest on granite platforms honed by ice age.

Presently trees, especially without the heavy summer foliage, intrigue me. I try express the construction, transparency and patterns of background. I look out of the window and observe the shapes and light that varies hourly and daily.

There is an absence of man in these works but I recognize effects of his activity or neglect.


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