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Kathleen (Cathy) DeMeo

Kathleen is a printmaker, painter, and mixed media artist. Her work has been shown in respected exhibitions including the Center for Contemporary Printmaking’s FOOTPRINT International, Connecticut Women Artists’ national juried exhibition, and the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts annual juried exhibition. Her monotypes have merited several “best in show” prizes among other awards, and her work is widely collected.

“I’m drawn to monotypes because they are a painterly form of printmaking. I love the feeling of surprise and discovery with each pass through the press. Once an image is transferred, only a “ghost” remains on the plate rendering it impossible to duplicate. I’ve never been interested in producing a series of identical prints, preferring instead to create unique, one-of-a-kind works.

My subjects are imaginative landscapes and abstractions incorporating rich textures and color. I use transparent oil-based inks, layering colors to create new, unexpected hues, and varying richness to convey depth and energy. Unpredictability and chance are part of my process: I never know exactly how two colors will combine or the image will appear when I pull the paper away from the plate. I strive for evocative compositions that resonate with viewers on a personal level.”

Kathleen holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Connecticut, and has studied printmaking at Creative Arts Workshop for over 20 years. More of her work can be viewed on her website at Kathleendemeo.com.

About Monotypes

 My monotypes are unique, one-of-a-kind works on paper created by applying oil-based ink onto a smooth Plexiglas plate using a brayer or brush, or by inking objects like stencils, leaves or other textural surfaces and applying them to the plate. Imagery is transferred to archival paper by “hand pulling” through a large etching press. My works are multi-layered and require numerous passes through the press as I add more color or detail and the image evolves. Technically a printmaking technique, monotypes differ from most prints because there are no carved or etched lines in the plate that can be repeatedly inked to make multiples. Each work is singular and original.




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MARJA WATSON, Paintings and MICKEY KAVANAGH, Paintings
to Dec 17

MARJA WATSON, Paintings and MICKEY KAVANAGH, Paintings

Mickey Kavanagh

I have been painting with watercolors for about 15 years.   Having always been especially drawn to works of art in this medium, I was delighted to learn how to do it myself from a superb watercolorist, Laura Wilk, who is also, fortunately, my friend.

Still lifes, landscapes, and abstracts are what I enjoy painting, especially learning new techniques and getting more and more comfortable with the old.



Marja Watson 

I have always been inspired by nature. I grew up in Finland in a landscape of forests and rocky shores, I could freely wander under the transparent canopy of trees and rest on granite platforms honed by ice age.

Presently trees, especially without the heavy summer foliage, intrigue me. I try express the construction, transparency and patterns of background. I look out of the window and observe the shapes and light that varies hourly and daily.

There is an absence of man in these works but I recognize effects of his activity or neglect.


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